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Gaelic Storm in Berea, Ohio

I attended Cleveland Irish Fest last night.   Details can be found here.


My husband, niac and I saw the band when they were here in Seattle, at the Tractor Tavern, last week. He managed to get a few good shots that I thought I would share with the community.

The lovely and talented lady is Jessie, whose last name I didn't catch, who has taken Ellery's place, at least for now. Ellery's off having a baby, due in July.

It was a damn fine show, especially the second half.

"Kiss Me I'm Irish" video contest

Hello everyone!  I don't post here often, but I am a huge fan of Gaelic Storm.  I try to see them everytime they come to Pittsburgh, and the last 2 years I've been fortunate enough to be able to go to the Dayton Ohio Celtic Festival (which is an awesome fest, btw, so check it out if you can).  I'm posting here today because my sister and my nephews made a video for the "Kiss Me I'm Irish" video contest.  They worked very hard on it and I think it's pretty darn good.  So, if you would, please check out their video.  "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" starring Matt (age 16), Nick (14), Shannon (11), Collin (9), Riley (6) and of course, Gaelic Storm! 


Brief, but I attended the Indianapolis concert at the Music Mill on the 8th. Fantastic as should be expected! I posted more about it on my journal, feel free to browse over.

Ellery is leaving the band at the end of the month, because she is expecting a baby boy. Congrats to Ellery!

The only downsides to the concert (which actually, aren't downsides ABOUT the concert at all) were that I had to drive back home (3+ hours)  to work the next morning, and I lost my blackberry there. But someone at the Music Mill found it, called my best friend, who picked it up & mailed it to me. So hopefully I will have my beloved crackberry back soon.

Looking forward to Indy Irish Fest in the fall! Because the third time's a charm, right? So nothing will come up (again) to prevent me from going?
It's been quiet here lately, so I thought I'd post this because these guys have connections with Gaelic Storm and they play celtic music. I'm sure you guys would love them and heck, maybe someone on here is local enough and interested enough to check out the fabulous party!

You know you have nothing better to do on New Year's Eve. Why not come to the fabulous city of DC, our splendid (sometimes) nation's capital, and hang out with a bunch of masked revelers and listen to some kickass music? I'll be there, representing Philly with some other people. Come hang out with me! And if you can't make it, pass the above flyer along to friends who might be interested. Click the flyer to be taken to Scythian's site to check out more information. And if you're awesome enough to decide to go, let me know so I can let the guys know.

And if you feel like checking out their excellent music, go listen at their MySpace. They just put up a new song called "Dark Eyes". Go listen to the wonder that is the dueling fiddles: Scythian's MySpace.

And if this post is not allowed, I apologize profusely. But seriously, check out Scythian. They're awesome.
Hello all,

I've recently changed journals and my former journal, dinette is no longer active. I will now be posting under my new journal duchessofdork. I apologize for the short notice, and/or confusion I may have caused. I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Hey Go Vote!

There is a Celtic Music Awards site and Storm is eligible. My sister and I weren't sure but we put the band under Traditional Music. So go here and vote!


Its open until December.

Anything new for the band....

Hey everyone,
i was wondering if anyone has any recent news on the band? Like any new albums coming out and such. Just wondering. Also wanted to see if anyone was alive in here. Later. :)

Oct. 3rd, 2006

Hey y'all stills are up from Saturday's show:


I plead the 5th on some of them, my sister had the camera at the beginning of the show and most of the way through.

Concert Rocked!

Hey if anyone wants to read about Saturday's concert, you can go here:


(I don't feel like reposting everything). It'll be a day or so until I get the videos and pictures up, mostly cuz I'm still waiting for them to come over the internet from my cousin. I've got about 54% of them right now.